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Royal Restrooms is not only the largest provider of luxury portable toilets in North Carolina, but the entire United States. We currently have over 40 locations and over 1,000 portable restroom and showers in action. We’ve provided toilets for huge charity events, incredible weddings, and special birthdays. Time and time again our customers tell us that our toilets were the cherry on top of an otherwise spectacular event. Forget the unhygienic, messy plastic boxes you see on construction sites – these are Royal Restrooms, the sort of toilets that make your event the talk of the town.

Royal Restrooms of North Carolina


This is Royal Restrooms of North Carolina, the state’s leading portable toilet provider. These are no ordinary portable restrooms. David Sauers, the founder of Royal Restrooms, had one concept in mind when dreaming up the company. Total comfort, as if you were using your own bathroom at home. Not only are the toilets luxurious and comfortable, they also arrive on your doorstep with year’s worth of port-a-loo experience and professional consultation.

Our service covers North Carolina from a number of locations, including Charlotte, Fayetteville and Wilmington. FInd the the other locations we operate from at the bottom of the page, or use our online form to get directly in touch with us. All you need to do is fill out the form with your details and whether you want a restroom or shower unit. Once you get in touch, we’ll do the rest. You can come down to one of our offices or sort out everything over the phone/email.


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Inside a Royal Restroom:

Sauer’s partnered with friend and engineer Robert Glisson to build the ideal portable restroom. They wanted their toilets to be more like a hotel’s en-suite bathroom rather than ugly green box most commonly seen at large scale events. The challenge was to create a luxury experience inside something that was inherently portable. Over time, they’ve perfected the Royal Restroom experience with a range of 10 + different units to choose from. What sets RR toilets apart from the rest is the fact that every unit has running sinks and flushing toilets – the only portable toilets in the industry that do so.

Expect large, spacious toilets, well-lit by actual lights rather than fluorescent bars. Whether you choose a single unit or multi-unit, there are large mirrors, refined marble finishes and touches of bespoke oak fittings. They are distinctly contemporary, with a clean-white look, some featuring large televisions to advertise at your event or to show off some favorite pictures, and a surround-sound speaker system to keep your guests partying even inside the toilet. Temperature control and actual flushing toilets complete the package.

Plus, these toilets are perfectly portable. Size is obviously an important factor when it comes to setting up a toilet – not only for accessibility purposes, but also to maximize the space for your event and keep the toilets a discrete –  yet luxury fixture – of your event. From downtown Charlotte to somewhere outside of Durham, these restrooms will go where you need them to go. All you need is a flat space of ground, either grass or asphalt. Some units will require a water input from a hose or spigot, whereas others have an onboard water tank for total convenience. And despite the luxury fittings, flushing toilets and efficiency of the units, they’re all powered by a simple 110 volt generator.

Events for Royal Restroom:

Every Royal Restroom toilet model is the perfect fit for your event, but we’re here to help with choosing exactly the right fit to keep your guests happy. There are both small and large units. You can find a model for your small birthday event or keep a guestlist of over 100 happy with a larger toilet from our Platinum range. Don’t worry about the set-up – if you require it, our customer services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the idea of a large portable restroom daunts you, we are more than happy to help you get everything ready to go before the big day.

However, Black Tie Events, Charity Events and large Weddings are really the bread and butter of a Royal Restroom portable toilet. These toilets are dressed to impress. If you invited someone into your home, would you lead them out the back of the house and point them towards a green plastic tub in the back garden? We didn’t think so. Our testimonials come back with the same message time and time again. Everyone talks about these toilets! They’re usually unexpected, but always provide that finishing touch to your event that sticks in the minds of your guests.

Portable Shower Trailers:

We are also a community and socially-conscious company. Our goal was to design a range of portable restrooms for events, but also provide a fast and easy relief system for disaster and rescue situations that require showers and toilets. Over time we have developed various disaster strategies and now understand just how important clean and accessible toilets and showers can be.

Just like a portable restroom, a modern shower trailer can make a huge difference at an event or be used for emergency response/disaster response situations. Any rental agreement can be arranged within 24 hours and can last for 24, 48 hours +. These are modern units crucial to solve hygiene problems at the site of a natural disaster or emergency area.

Each unit runs off a simple 110 volt generator which you can link up to a household connection, or a separate on-site generator can be provided for an extra cost. Water is supplied through a hose, spigot or on-board water tank, depending on your choice and the situation of the portable shower unit.

Our portable showers come with bathroom vanities, hot water, sinks with running water, air conditioning/heating, private shower stalls and a range of bathroom products. Expert consultants from of the North Carolina Royal Restroom locations can tell you how many shower stalls you will need, how you should set-up the shower, and help you to get things running smoothly.

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